National Anti-Drug Strategy

The National Anti-Drug Strategy provides a focused approach aimed at reducing the supply of, and demand for, illicit drugs; addressing prescription drug abuse; and addressing the crime associated with illicit drugs. This approach will lead to safer and healthier communities by taking action in three priority areas: preventing, treating, and combating illicit drugs and prescription drug abuse.


About the strategy

Information about the strategy such as action plans, reports and activity overviews, and a list of federal partners who support this initiative.


Learn about the Enforcement Action Plan and how it supports the enhancement of law enforcement and the criminal justice system.


Learn about the Prevention Action Plan and how it supports the prevention of illicit drug use and prescription drug abuse.


Learn about the Treatment Action Plan and how it supports innovative approaches to treating and rehabilitating those with drug addiction.

Funding Programs

Information about funding programs.

Substance abuse

Information about drugs and substances that have the potential to be misused or abused, like controlled and illegal drugs, prescription drugs, alcohol and other substances. Includes information on how to talk to your teen and getting help.

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