Consumer products

Canadians buy a wide array of consumer products, from children's products, to household products and cosmetics. Learn how to avoid potential hazards when using these products.


Blind cord safety

Keep cords up high and out of reach. Cords on the side, inside, or back of the window covering are a strangulation risk for children.

Toy safety

Toys are a cherished part of childhood. To make playtime as safe as possible, choose toys that are right for your child's age - and follow all warnings, safety messages and assembly instructions. Be involved! It's important for parents to supervise children's play, and to teach them how to use their toys safely.

Cribs, cradles and bassinets

Babies spend a lot of time in their cribs, cradles, and bassinets. To make sure yours is safe to use, check Health Canada's Consumer Product Recalls to find out about products that have been recalled.


Small, powerful magnets can be dangerous to children of all ages. Children can swallow these magnets and be seriously injured.


Every day, most of us use cosmetics and personal care products like shampoo, shaving cream and lipstick. Health Canada's goal is to make sure the cosmetic products you use are safe and that you know how to use them properly.

Household chemical safety

You probably use many chemical products in and around your home. Chemicals can be dangerous and cause burns, fires, poisonings and explosions.

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