Ebola virus disease

Ebola virus disease (EVD) is a severe disease that causes haemorrhagic fever in humans and animals. Diseases that cause haemorrhagic fevers, such as Ebola, are often fatal as they affect the body's vascular system (how blood moves through the body). This can lead to significant internal bleeding and organ failure.

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About Ebola

Learn more about the Ebola virus disease. There have never been any cases of Ebola in Canada and the risk to Canadians remains very low.


Causes of the disease, how it's spread, and where it's found.


Main symptoms, what to look for and what to do if you become ill.


What the risks are and who is most at risk.


How the disease is diagnosed and treatment options.


How the disease can be prevented, vaccine information and additional measures.


How the disease is monitored.

Health professionals

Disease description, epidemiology, publications and resources.

Canada's Public Health Response to Ebola

Protecting Canadians from Ebola.

What we are doing

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