Flu (influenza)

Learn about flu, its causes, symptoms, risks, treatment and prevention. Also find information on surveillance and for health professionals.

About the flu

Millions of Canadians catch the flu every year. Learn about causes, symptoms, risks, prevention and treatment.


The flu is caused by a virus that passes easily from person to person. Learn how the virus spreads, and how you can stop it.


Flu symptoms often include fever, chills and cough, with sore throat, headache and aching muscles. Find out what all the symptoms are.


The flu can be more serious for some people than for others. Find out what the risks are, and who is most vulnerable.


If you have the flu, rest and fluids help you get well faster. Find out how to treat the flu at home, and when to see a health professional for more help.


The best way to prevent the flu is to be vaccinated. You can get a flu shot, or sometimes get the vaccine as a nasal spray. Learn how the vaccine protects you and your family.


Learn about FluWatch, a surveillance system that monitors flu activity across Canada.

For health professionals

If you are a health professional, find more detailed information about the flu, including key resources and links to partners.

Find a flu clinic

An interactive map helps you find the nearest clinic where you can get the flu vaccine. Also look for information and resources in the province or territory where you live.

What we are doing

Look for materials and resources to help you, your family and your community fight the flu.


Find a flu clinic

Click on the map to find out what your province or territory is doing to help you fight the flu this year.

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