Flu (influenza)

Learn about flu, its causes, symptoms, risks, treatment and prevention. Also find information on surveillance and for health professionals.



Explore the causes of flu and how it is spread.


Learn about the symptoms, what to look for and what to do if you become ill.


Find out what the risks are and who is most at risk.


Get information on how flu is diagnosed and how it is treated.


Learn how flu can be prevented.


Discover how flu is monitored.

Health professionals

Get detailed information for health professionals.

Flu clinics and resources from across Canada

Find a clinic in your province or territory where you can get the flu vaccine or get information about the flu.

Awareness resources

Download and share these flu resources.

What we are doing


Find flu clinics and resources from across Canada

Click on the map to find out what your province or territory is doing to help you fight the flu this year.

Get the ImmunizeCA App

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The flu: don't pass it on!

See how easily the flu spreads by watching this short video.

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