Healthy eating

Discover Canada's food guides as well as tips for healthy eating and food safety. Also learn about nutrients, nutrition for all ages, and nutrition programs and working groups.


Canada's food guides

Learn about Canada's food guides and how they can help you make healthy food choices. Also access history, labelling, advertising and copyright information for our guides.

Tips for healthy eating

Find healthy eating tips and tools for you and your family.

Tips for food safety

Learn safety tips for all food types. Also find information to protect those who are vulnerable to food poisoning, including facts on food allergies and recalls.

Nutrition for different stages and ages

Learn about nutritional needs and healthy eating habits for children, pregnant women and adults over the age of 50.


Learn about the nutrients, fats and vitamins that can be found on the nutrition facts table on packaged foods.

Nutrition programs

Get information on programs that help Canadians stay healthy and that give access to nutritious food options.

Nutrition working groups

Discover how federal, provincial and territorial groups and committees are working together to ensure the health and nutrition of Canadians.

What we are doing


Healthy eating strategy

Making the healthier food choice easier.

Front-of-package labelling consultation

Participate in the consultation on mandatory front-of-package labelling for foods high in sugars, sodium and saturated fat.

Consultation on Canada's food guide

Participate in the consultation process to help revise Canada's food guide.

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