Meeting food and safety standards

Explore Canada's food and safety standards for imports and exports, production, packaging, distribution and retail. Also know about health claims and pre-market submissions.


Importing and exporting food

Find out about Canada's requirements for importing and exporting food products. Also access information on interprovincial trade.

Pre-market and submission processes

Access guidance on policies, laws and regulations to help prepare submissions for approval of food products, processes and packing materials.

Food manufacturing and production

Explore how Canada maintains safe food production systems through its different guidelines and policies for food manufacturing.

Food testing and inspection

Read the guidelines and procedures for food inspection and testing in Canada. Also learn about quality control and certification.

Food packaging and distribution

Learn about submitting a request for assessment on food packaging and read safe food production resources.

Safety standards for catering, restaurants and retail

Discover how Canada makes sure consumers get accurate and true information on retail food products.

Marketing and health claims

Get information on health claims made on prepackaged foods sold in Canada. Also explore how Canada sets policies, regulations and standards for these claims.

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