Boating & water safety

Find safety information on boating and horsepower restrictions, proof of competency, recreational water activities, life jackets and personal flotation devices.

Boating safety tips

Learn about boat safety and how to plan a safe outing with your friends and family.

Lifejackets & personal flotation devices

Find information on life jackets and personal flotation devices for adults and children, and how they can save lives.

Pleasure craft competency program

Find information about the rules and regulations in Canada for operating a pleasure craft fitted with a motor.

Recreational water activities

Learn basic safety tips to help keep you and your family safe while enjoying water activities during summertime.

Water toy safety

Learn which toys are safe for open water and which are intended strictly for pool use.

Age restrictions for operating a horsepower boat

Learn about the age restrictions for operating boat motors over 40 horsepower.

Overboard recovery techniques

Learn the proper procedure to follow in the event of a boating emergency.

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