Air quality

Learn about air contaminants and the health effects of poor air quality. Also understand the causes of poor indoor air quality, how to test for it and how to improve it.

Services and information

Health effects of air pollution

Know how air pollution causes health effects and who is most at risk. Also find out what to do if you think you are ill because of poor air quality.

Causes of poor indoor air quality

Learn about what can lead to indoor air contaminants, such as heating appliances, temperature and humidity.

Indoor air contaminants

Learn about the different contaminants that can reduce indoor air quality.

Residential Indoor Air Quality Guidelines

Read recommended exposure levels and guidance for reducing your exposure.

Air quality health index

The new Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) is a tool to help you plan and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Smog and your health

Learn about smog types and sources, potential health effects and how to minimize your exposure.

Road traffic and air pollution

Learn about potential health effects of air pollution from road traffic and how to minimize your exposure.

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