Healthy pregnancy

Learn about genetic testing and screening, fertility treatments and how to become a sperm or egg donor. Also find helpful resources for a safe and healthy pregnancy.



Use these food safety and healthy eating tips during pregnancy. Also get the facts on vitamins and minerals, dealing with depression and maintaining oral health.


Get the facts on fertility, including treatment options and risks, counselling, and genetic testing and screening. Also learn about how cancer can affect fertility.

Multiple births

Know the risks of multiple births and its challenges. Also learn about in vitro fertilization and read stories from parents with multiples.

Egg, sperm and embryo donation

Learn about using donors or surrogates, becoming a donor and talking to your donor-conceived child. Also find information about a donor.

Pregnancy for First Nations and Inuit women

Discover how you can have a healthy pregnancy with these tips about eating well and making healthy lifestyle choices.

Travelling while pregnant

Read this information to minimize your risks and stay healthy while travelling during your pregnancy.

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