Substance abuse

Information about drugs and substances that have the potential to be misused or abused, like controlled and illegal drugs, prescription drugs, alcohol and other substances. Includes information on how to talk to your teen and getting help.


About substance abuse

Information on addiction, withdrawal, overdose, and signs that someone may be using drugs.

Controlled and illegal drugs

Information about the different types of illegal drugs used in Canada. Learn about their uses, their effects, and their mental and physical health risks.

Prescription drug abuse

Information on how prescription drugs can be abused, preventing prescription drug abuse, and types of drugs that are typically misused, such as opioids and stimulants.

Get help

Information on help resources available in your community and helping friends fight the drug pressure.

Alcohol abuse

Information on health risks, short- and long-term health effects, and how to reduce your risk of alcohol abuse.

Talking about drugs

Information on how to talk to your teen about drugs, risks of using drugs, driving under the influence of drugs and reasons to say no.

What we are doing

Access other information and resources on substance abuse here.

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