Health Canada's Action on Opioid Misuse

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Organization: Health Canada

Type: Poster

Date published: 2016-07-06

Related Topics

  1. Better informing Canadians about the risks of opioids: new warning stickers, patient information sheets, review of best practices
  2. Supporting better prescribing practices: promote prescription monitoring programs, examine pharmacy records, share information with PT licensing bodies, Canada Health Infoway e-prescribing solution
  3. Reducing easy access to unnecessary opioids: contraindications for approved opioids, requiring a prescription for low-dose codeine products, mandatory risk management plans for certain opioids
  4. Supporting better treatment options for patients: better & faster access to naloxone, expediting the review of non-opioid pain relievers, re-examining special requirements for methadone
  5. Improving the evidence base: bringing together experts in the field to discuss how to improve data collection and the Canadian evidence base
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