Smoking and tobacco

Learn tips on how you can quit smoking. Also find information on the health risks of smoking, nicotine addiction and how much the habit costs.

Help someone quit smoking

Find out how you can help your family and friends quit smoking. Also learn what to do if you are a parent of someone who smokes.

Nicotine addiction

Learn about nicotine addiction, what the drug does to your body and how addiction works. Also find information on common withdrawal symptoms.

Quit smoking now

Learn the steps to help you quit smoking. Also find resources to help you deal with the challenges and stress that come with quitting.

Benefits of quitting

Learn about the health and lifestyle benefits of quitting smoking.

Risks of smoking

Learn about the health risks of smoking, second-hand smoke and other types of tobacco. Find out how to protect yourself and others from the negative effects of smoking.

Dangers of second-hand smoke

Learn about second-hand smoke, its health risks and how to avoid it. Also find out why second-hand smoke is even more dangerous in enclosed spaces.

Quitting smoking for young adults

Find tips and tools to help young adults quit smoking.

You can quit smoking. We can help.

Find resources in your province to help you or someone you know quit smoking.

Break It Off mobile application

Learn about the mobile application Break it Off to help you quit smoking and avoid your cravings.

Cost calculator: Calculate how much you spend on cigarettes

Use a cost calculator to help you figure out how much money you are spending on cigarettes.

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