Road safety

Protecting your kids when you're on the road

Parents can spend a lot of time driving with their kids -- to and from appointments and activities, out running errands or travelling to visit family and friends. To make sure any children you drive with are as safe as they can be, check out these tips and guidelines on everything from choosing the right-sized car seat to knowing when a child is ready to advance to the next stage of car restraint.

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Car restraints

We all want children to be as safe as possible when we're on the road - whether in a car, minivan or pickup truck. This always involves using the right kind of children's car seat, also called a children's restraint system.

Choosing a car seat

Your child's stage of growth and development determines which type of car restraint is right for him or her.

When to replace a child's car seat

Most children's car seats have an expiry date stamped on them. If yours is past its date, replace it. Can't find the date? Check the car seat's manual.

Second-hand car seats

If you are considering buying a second-hand car seat for your child, there are a few safety precautions you should take first.

Drive safe

Canada has one of the best road safety records in the world. Follow these tips and make Canadian roads even safer for you and your family.

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