BMW issued a recall on the F700GS, and F800GS models

Starting date:
June 14, 2013
Type of communication:
Notification type:
Safety Mfr
Units affected:
Source of recall:
Transport Canada
Identification number:
TC ID number:

Advisory details

On certain motorcycles, the side stand ignition cut-off switch could loosen and become damaged. As a result, the side stand switch would fail to turn OFF the engine if the side stand is extended while a drive gear is engaged. If the motorcycle is ridden with the side stand in the down position, the stand could hit the ground during a turn, which could result in a loss of vehicle control and a crash causing property damage and/or personal injury. Correction: Dealers will install bolts to securely fasten the side stand switch (originally held by a circlip).

Affected products

Makes and models affected
Make Model Model year(s) affected
BMW F800GS 2011, 2012, 2013
BMW F700GS 2011, 2012, 2013