Antibiotic resistance

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Transcript - Antibiotic resistance

Animated video featuring various stick figures. A hand moves the figures on a whiteboard throughout the video.

When you really need them - will antibiotics work?

Antibiotics are used to treat bacterial infections.

Pill bottle, and green animated microbe appear

Pill bottle frowns at microbe, microbe leaves screen

But bacteria are becoming a lot tougher - more RESISTANT.

Microbe reappears, lifting barbell, increasing in size, and pill bottle frowns

As a result, antibiotics are becoming less effective...

And sometimes might not work at all

Large microbe swallows pill bottle

Resistant bacteria can get stronger and multiply

Many more bacteria appear on screen

People can be sicker... and illnesses may last much longer

Animated mother, father, and two children appear

How you do protect your family from the risks of anti- biotic resistance?

1. Keep your hands clean

And away from your eyes, nose and mouth

Hands rub together, being washed in sink with tap running

Sneeze here

NOT here!

Person shown sneezing into crook of elbow and a green check mark appears, then another sneezes directly into hand and a red X appears

2. Use antibiotics exactly as prescribed

Take the exact amount, at the right time of day for the full course of antibiotics.

Even if you feel better.

Physician holds up clipboard.

Clipboard reads: "Don't stop... even if you feel better."

3. Don't share antibiotics with anyone

Man reaches out to animated woman for medicine bottle in her hand

4. Bad reactions or side effects?

Tell your doctor or pharmacist

Man appears with large purple spots on face and arms

If you are told to stop taking antibiotics, return unused medicine to the pharmacy.

Woman returning medicine bottle to pharmacist; sketch of a toilet and waste basket have large red X's through them

5. Sometimes NO PRESCRIPTION is the right prescription.

Man with physician, who holds up clipboard.

Clipboard reads: "No antibiotics for viral infections."

To learn more about antibiotic resistance and how to lower your risk of getting sick,


Animated mother, father, and two children appear on screen.

Mother holds sign above head that reads "Reduce antibiotic resistance!"

Child holds up sign that says: "We can all help!"

A message from the Government of Canada

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