Suunto Oy recalls Wireless Tank Pressure Transmitter and Tank POD

Starting date:
October 4, 2017
Posting date:
October 4, 2017
Type of communication:
Consumer Product Recall
Source of recall:
Health Canada
Product Safety
General Public
Identification number:

Joint recall with Health Canada, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (US CPSC) and Suunto Oy

Affected products

Suunto Wireless Tank Pressure Transmitter and Suunto Tank POD

Product description

This recall involves Suunto Wireless Tank Pressure Transmitter and Suunto Tank POD.  The Suunto Wireless Tank Pressure Transmitter has a black cone-shaped plastic case with SUUNTO, FINLAND printed on top of the case.  The old model has a black plastic base and the new model has a transparent plastic base with an LED light.

The Suunto Tank POD has a black cone-shaped plastic case with SUUNTO TANK POD, MADE IN FINLAND printed in gray color on the case and a transparent plastic base.

The following products are included in the recall:
Product Material Number EAN UPC
WIRELESS TANK PRESSURE TRANSMITTER LED SS019098000 06417084177520 00045235908103
WIRELESS TANK PRESSURE TRANSMITTER SS005397000 06417084053978 00045235904747
TANK POD SS020306000 06417084053978 00045235909865

Hazard identified

In rare cases of extreme internal corrosion, the exterior case of the Wireless Tank Pressure Transmitter and Suunto Tank POD has failed during regular dry land pressure testing presenting a risk of injury due to the risk of bursting.

As of October 3, 2017 the company has received no reports of incidents in Canada and the United States, and no reports of injuries. Internationally the company has received 2 reports of incidents of the Transmitters bursting during dry land pressure testing. One of these incidents involved bruising.

Number sold

Approximately 4,028 units of the affected products were sold in Canada and approximately 35,500 were sold in the United States.

Time period sold

The recalled products were sold from October 2003 to June 2017.

Place of origin

Manufactured in Finland


Suunto Oy

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What you should do

Consumers should immediately stop using the product and contact an authorized Suunto service center for a free inspection and repair/upgrade.

For more information, consumers may contact Suunto Customer Support at (855)258-0900 (Toll free – 24 hours) or online.  A list of dealers and authorized service centers can be found at

Consumers may view the release by the US CPSC on the Commission's website.

Please note that the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act prohibits recalled products from being redistributed, sold or even given away in Canada.

Health Canada would like to remind Canadians to report any health or safety incidents related to the use of this product or any other consumer product or cosmetic by filling out the Consumer Product Incident Report Form.

This recall is also posted on the OECD Global Portal on Product Recalls website. You can visit this site for more information on other international consumer product recalls.