What to do when a product is recalled

When a product is recalled, it means our surveillance tools are working: you and your family are being protected from potential hazards. Still, you can help too. If you hear a product has been recalled, follow these steps to help keep you and your family safe.

  1. See our recall notices and make sure your product is the one affected. Recall notices are posted in four product categories:
  2. Follow the manufacturer's instructions, as explained in the notice.
  3. If instructions aren’t included in the notice, or if you have more questions, contact the manufacturer by phone or visit their website.
  4. Don't give the recalled product to someone else. If it is unsafe for you and your family, it is unsafe for others too.
  5. Don't throw out the product without guidance. Some products (like batteries and drugs) must be disposed of in a special way. Follow the manufacturer's instructions.
  6. Stay informed with real-time recalls: